Monday, May 9, 2011


My Abs Hurt.

I know this is usually a good thing, but my abs hurt so much that it was making me almost throw up while I was working out. This is never a good thing, especially when you are doing it for multiple hours a day haha!

For the past month I have been doing ab or core work every day whether it be specifically targeted ab work (5/7 days) or just passive core work (7/7 days) and it finally got to me. My lower abs were so fatigued and for some reason were flexing so hard that it was making me sick.

This is my first foray into the world of overtraining and I definitely do not like it.

After taking a couple days (read: three) specifically targeted ab work it seems to have improved. I have slowed my secondary ab workouts down to once every second day instead of every day minus my rest/recovery days so I am hoping this works better. It is the first time my body has let me down since January 6th when I started to better myself!

Getting deeper into the realm of fitness you and I are bound to hit walls, plateaus, and (mental) road blocks but you need to remember that tomorrow is another day and going forward is what REALLY matters, and not what is in the past. Did this really slow down my progress? Maybe a little, but for my overall goals it was just a hiccup along the way. Don't let these small problems knock you off the wagon, you've gotta keep on truckin!

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