Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fitness While Travelling

Well here I am and over a week has passed since I last blogggggged. Not very bloggerish. Anyways, I just returned from a trip in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia and without getting too much into it it was amazing. Hospitality in the south is second to none! But that is neither here nor there, now is it? Anyways, it was douchealicious to try to workout while traveling, but I still managed to fit in 15 or so workouts!

Waking up early is key. Daily I woke up before the rest of my family (as it was a family trip) pulled out my portable DVD player and speakers (a lifesaver!) and pressed play. Not only does getting up in the morning and working out burn more fat (as your body needs to turn to your adipose tissue earlier than if you had been eating all day) but when you're away this is probably the only time you are going to get it done. My goal this week was to try to finish 80% of my workouts and since I only missed one, I think I surpassed that!

Food is another story though. Ohhhh southern food.......Ohhhh American sized portions... buffets are also the devil! I always at well during breakfast, usually ate ok during lunch and it was hit or miss during dinner. I only had red meat once (yay me) but I did definitely eat double my caloric intake for the day during one buffet meal. The buffet was literally a sailboat. Actually, three of them. I didn't see much of a physical change this week as I have been seeing in the past. This is where the 80/20 rule comes in!

80/20 Rule: 80% of weight/bodyfat loss will come from following a meal plan consistently, while 20% will come from tweaks to this. 80% of your results will come from nutrition whereas 20% will come from actual exercise. The last one people may have a hard time believing but you can exercise all you want and unless you have ectomorph genes (aka superfast metabolism) you will never get results. You NEED to eat well, often, and with a daily calorie deficit or it just wont happen! This is the reason my results were so so this week, sadly. Usually people who fall off the fitness wagon are struggling to shed the fat because they are still following (or not following rather) their old eating habits. Calories in = calories out and you need to have less on the 'in' side if you want to go down a waist size! I didn't this week, but now I can for myself just how important it is =)

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